Visit the sites below on the date indicated and learn all about my MG book, Duck and Cover
or come see me at my signings. 

 I will be at the West Virginia Book Fair at the Charleston,WV Civic Center on October 28th from 2 until 4. Find me at the WVWriter's table.

September 30, I will be on Saguaro Books Facebook page from 3:40 to 4pm participating in an Author Takeover Event.

June 9 and 10, WV Writer's Conference at Cedar Lakes, WV. My books will be available for sale.

June 8, 11am, book signing and reading excerpt at South Parkersburg Library, Parkersburg, WV

March 30, book signing at Jackson County Library, Ravenswood branch.

March 28, book signing at Jackson County Library, Ripley branch.

March 27, interview on Beverly Stowe's McClure's blog, The Story of a Writer, about Duck and Cover.

March 20, interview on the GROG BLOG about Duck and Cover.


It is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in paperback, kindle and Nook!
Book Blurb on back cover:

After his dad dies in an accident at work, twelve-year-old Teddy Haynes and his mom come back to live with family in rural West Virginia.  They hope to start over, but some people say the Russians are going to blow up the United States. How can they start over, if the world comes to an end?
He finds his life filled with talk of bomb shelters, a cat and dog that don’t get along, clinging two-year-old twins and a pretty girl he’s too shy to talk to. To help cope with their fears, Teddy and his friends convert an old cave in the woods into a bomb shelter.  Will they be able to work together and pull through the tense-filled months during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the fall of 1962? And will Teddy be able to overcome his grief from the loss of his dad?

The author, Janet F. Smart, lives in picturesque West Virginia. She is the mother of three grown boys. She enjoys writing for children, bringing her thoughts, dreams and imagination to life. When not outside enjoying nature, she sits at her writing desk, her inner child flowing onto the paper. A flicker of a childhood memory was the inspiration for this novel.

Published by Saguaro Books