My cookbook has just been released!

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 It is filled with over 120 down-home recipes.
Recipes I grew up enjoying and recipes I've grown to love as an adult. 

Try my version of Grandma's applesauce stack cake.
It is delicious and worth the trouble of making 7 thin layers and spreading spiced applesauce between each one.

Seven delicious blackberry recipes.

Twelve pages in the back where you can record your treasured recipes - lest you forget.

OOPS! There's been a slight change since publication to one of the recipes. Good news! It has been fixed. If you bought the book after December 1st, no need to worry. If you bought it before December, the revised recipe (Ora's Orange Macaroni) can be seen and copied if you go here

Duck and Cover
my Middle Grade Historical Fiction

Available in paperback, kindle and Nook!


 "Duck and Cover is a charming novel of young people coming of age during a very frightening time, the early 1960's at the height of the Cold War. Set in West Virginia, Smart's characters are as real as the hills in
which they live, and as enduring. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and believe this author is one to watch (and read) now and in the future." –

Homer Hickam, author Rocket Boys/October Sky and Carrying Albert Home


This book is a unique change from the current deluge of stories about robots and super heroes. It is written fro middle schoolers but, as someone who was a youngster during this period, I found the memories to have great interest.

Lois Casto
retired teacher and author

Fun Through the Seasons! Recipes, Crafts and Fun Facts for Kids

Copyright       2014 Janet F. Smart
Available on Amazon.
Also available at Barnes and Noble

For children everywhere, young and old

In Fun Through the Seasons, Janet goes month by month through the seasons with informative articles for children to read and enjoy. The articles appeared in her column, Fun Facts for Kids, in Two-Lane Livin' Magazine. While reading this book, kids will learn all about snowflakes, Independence Day, genealogy, ants, the first Thanksgiving, collecting memories at Christmas, cookies - and much more! Sprinkled among the interesting articles are easy recipes, crafts, poems and challenges for kids in K through 5th grade. Parents will enjoy reading the stories to the younger ones and helping with the activities.

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From North Carolina:

The cover is beautiful and begs me to read the book.

I know you worked very hard to write this super book.

The ideas, crafts, poetry, recipes and stories are outstanding.

This is a great reference book for teachers, parents and youth leaders.

I am very impressed with your book.


Brenda Kay Ledford

The Blue Ridge Poet

From Alabama:

I received your books and I'm excited to read the stories to my grandchildren. My youngest daughter, Carrie, teaches pre-school and will be able to use your book for lesson planning.
You did a great job, Janet, and I look forward to more of your writing.

Beside Still Waters

From West Virginia:

I'm not a child, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading Janet's new book, Fun Through the Seasons. I purchased one for my great-granddaughter for a Christmas gift and read it to make sure it was compatible for her age and interests. She loves learning and crafts and her mother loves to cook and bake, so not only will Kailey pick up many interesting facts from the book (I learned a lot!), but she and her mother can have some mother-daughter bonding time preparing suggested food and crafts together.  Janet knows how to make learning fun. The jokes at the beginning of each section made me laugh, and the writing is done in a way that makes for really interesting and enjoyable reading.   Be sure to buy one for all those children on your Christmas list.

Nancy Merical, author
Nancy's author page on Amazon

From West Virginia:

What a great book! As a retired educator, Fun Through the Seasons would be a must for third and fourth grade readers. I would add both younger and older students would enjoy the wide variety of stories, poems, facts, and hands-on activities. I not only recommend the book, I bought four copies for grand children's Christmas gifts. 

Lois Casto
retired educator and author